Helkama Bica Marine H-FLEX Cables EN

Application: The cable is intended for flexible, portable, movable applications. Applications such as ship to shore cable, outdoor cranes and various industrial applications.It is suitable for flexible applications in machineries, machine tools, robot technics and can be submersed into water. The cable has good mechanical characteristics, high tensile strength, is abrasion resistant and resistant to UV, chemicals, oil and other fluids. The cable can be coiled back and forth. Suitable to dragchain use. Mud resistant according to NEK606. Main characteristics Rated voltage AC 0,6/1kV (1,2kV) DC 0,9/1,5kV (if voltage to earth does not exceed 0,9kV) Maximum conductor temperature 90 °C Flame-retardant IEC 60332-1-2 -test for single insulated wire and cable Halogen-free IEC 60754 series Mechanical flex test EN 50396 -conditions according to EN 50525 Oil resistancy EN 60811-404 -conditions according to EN 50363-10-2 Operating temperature -60 – +80 °C fixed use -35 – +80 °C flexible use Mechanical Min. bending radius - fixed: 4 x d < 25 mm < 6 x d - mobile: 6 x d < 25 mm < 8 x d - s-shape deflection: 15 x d < 25 mm < 20 x d Max. tensile load without strength members 15 N/mm 2 of phases copper cross section Core identification Color code for 1…4 (5 if PE conductor) core cable, number code for 5...37 core cable. Marine type approvals DNV-GL, BV and ABS 2 0,6/1kV CABLES DESIGN: HELKAMA specification 1. Conductor - stranded copper conductor 1,0-300mm 2 IEC 60228:2004 class5 - tinned stranded copper conductor on request 2. Insulation - XLPE plastic 3. Bedding - non-woven separator tape 4. Sheath - Polyurethane compound - standard colour black, other colours on request H-FLEX PWR PUR 0,6/1kV Unscreened power and control cable for flexible use 10/2017 Tel. +358 2 410 8700 , fax +358 2 237 2428 , helkamabica.com Subject to change without prior notice. See latest updates on our webpage. Flame- retardant Oil & chemical resistant Halogen- free Mud resistant