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Tel. +358 2 410 8700 , fax +358 2 237 2428 , helkamabica.com Subject to change without prior notice. See latest updates on our webpage. 52 10/2017 LKM-HF Unarmoured control and instrumentation cable 250V DESIGN: STANDARDS: IEC 60092-376, design 1. Conductor - stranded copper conductor IEC 60228, class 2 - tinned stranded copper conductor on request 2. Insulation - XLPE plastic IEC 60092-360 3. Cabling / - cabling with optional fillers or dummy cores to obtain symmetrical bedding and round construction 4. Sheath - polyolefine plastic, SHF1 IEC 60092-360 - on request, thermosetting polyolefine, SHF2 - standard colour grey, other colours on request - rip cord under sheath Application: For fixed installation in most areas and on open deck in ships and offshore units.If the cable is exposed to direct sun light protective covering or cable with black outer sheath is recommended. Main characteristics Rated voltage 150/250V (300V) Flame-retardant IEC 60332-1-2 -test for single insulated wire and cable IEC 60332-3-22 -test for bunched wires and cables, category A Halogen-free IEC 60754 series Smoke emission IEC 61034 series Oil resistance (only SHF2) IEC 60811-404 conditions according to 60092-360/SHF2 Temperature rating: Maximum conductor temperature + 90 °C Fixed installation - 40 °C to +80 °C Minimum recommended installation temperature - 15 °C For details see general information section ● Flame-retardant ● Halogen-free ● Low smoke emission ● Oil resistant (only SHF2)