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Tel. +358 2 410 8700 , fax +358 2 237 2428 , helkamabica.com Subject to change without prior notice. See latest updates on our webpage. 90 10/2017 LKM-FRHF+WSR/WJR Fire Resistant + Water Spray Resistant and/or Water Jet Resistant, unarmoured power and control cable 0,6/1kV Cable types: LKM-FRHF+WSR (diameter ≤ 20 mm) LKM-FRHF+WJR (diameter > 20 mm) DESIGN: STANDARDS: IEC 60092-353, design 1. Conductor - stranded copper conductor 1,0–10 mm 2 IEC 60228, class 2 - stranded copper conductor 16–300 mm 2 IEC 60228, class 5 (Flex) - tinned stranded copper conductor on request (“CuSn”) 2. Insulation - special grade Mica tape(s) - XLPE plastic IEC 60092-360 3. Cabling / - cabling with optional fillers or dummy cores to obtain symmetrical and Bedding round construction - separator tape 4. Rip cord - rip cord for conductors from 16mm 2 5. Sheath - polyolefine plastic, SHF1, standard colour orange IEC 60092-360 - on request oil resistant thermosetting, black polyolefine, SHF2 - other colours on request Application: For fixed installation in most areas and on open deck in ships and offshore units. Especially intended to ensure the availability of all critical transportation-, comfort- and safety systems, i.e. to meet the concepts of; Orderly Evacuation (3 hours burning time) and S afe R eturn t o P ort (Fire test with simultaneous Water Spray / Water Jet + mechanical shocks) to simulate the firefighting conditions. If the cable is exposed to direct sunlight, we recommend cable with black outer sheath or a protective covering. Main characteristics Rated voltage AC 0,6/1kV (1,2kV) DC 0,9/1,5kV (if voltage to earth does not exceed 0,9kV) Halogen-free IEC 60754 series Flame-retardant IEC 60332-1-2 -test for single insulated wire and cable IEC 60332-3-22 -test for bunched wires and cables, category A Smoke emission IEC 61034 series Fire- andWater Spray Resistant IEC 60331-2 (180 min test) + EN 50200:2015 Annex E (diameter ≤ 20 mm) Fire- andWater Jet Resistant IEC 60331-1 (180 min test) + BS 8491:2008 (diameter > 20 mm) Oil resistance (only SHF2) IEC 60811-404 conditions according to 60092-360/SHF2 Recommended minimum bending radius (fixed installation): 4 x outer diameter of the cable Temperature rating: Maximum conductor temperature + 90 °C Fixed installation - 40 °C to +80 °C Minimum recommended installation temperature - 15 °C For details see general information section ● Halogen-free ● Flame-retardant ● Low smoke emission ● Fire-resistant ● Water Spray and/or Water Jet Resistant