Helkama Bica Telecommunication and Industrial cables EN

Tel. +358 2 410 8700 , fax +358 2 237 2428 , helkamabica.com Subject to change without prior notice. See latest updates on our webpage. FXOVDMU FMS FMS FMS FMS FMS FMS FMS FMS FMMS FMMS FMMS FMMS FMMS FMMS FMMS Outlet Outlet FMMS FXMSU FXMMS FXMMS Outlet Outlet Outlet Outlet FXMSU FXMSU H U B FMS FMS HUB FXOVDMU FXOMU DUCT FMS, FMMS • Single or dual fiber installation cables for indoor cabling • For housing and industrial use FXMSU, FXMMS • Excellent tensile and crush strength • Polypropylene slotted core and swellable tape protect the fibers from mechanical stress and water • No grease, enabling easy installation at site • FXMMS cable without swellable tape FXOVDMU • Slotted core design • Typical solutions for direct burial and duct installations • Improved mechanical protection by corrugated steel tape Fiber trunk cables • For telecom applications in towers and underground solutions, where multiple fibers are needed Fiber optic cables