Environmental Policy

The protection of our common environment is a responsibility to be shared by each and every one of us. Enterprises must do their share and remember, that without the environment there will be no business. At Helkama Bica, environmental issues are taken into consideration in all aspects of the manufacturing of communication and shipboard cables. Our operational standards comply with existing laws, regulations and provisions. We have committed ourselves to continual improvement and to prevent pollution.

The policy of paying attention to the environmental issues of all aspects of our production is mutually beneficial, helps to preserve natural resources and furthers the goal of sustainable development.

Our environmental management is based on the assessment of the environmental impact of individual operations, and on the periodic updating of environmental programs. Environmental measures include the following main points:

  1. Reduction of the amount of production scrap.
  2. Reduction and the reuse of municipal waste.
  3. Energy conservation and
  4. Improvement of safety and health.